Friday, March 2, 2012

Bin Packing 2D/3D

UPDATE 08/12: New project that combines these two into one


  1. Hi,

    I have a container. In that container i have to
    fit different size boxes. Container will have (length X height X width).
    as same for box also. Now my problem is once fitting the first canvas.
    it should go for second wise until filling the container
    according to container height. This is like shipping container.

    Now i am able fill the container with multiple canvas irrespective of container height. My problem is i have to fit the boxes in container with respective of container height. Kindly help me on this. Please..i need in php language or jquery.

    1. Hi Krishna,

      Thanks for your post. From the sound of your problem is seems like the same classic bin packing problem to me. I don't have PHP code. You can see the Java code and migrate that to PHP. If you have problems let me know the specifics.

  2. I second Kirshna's main point, a PHP example/binding would be incredible!

  3. Hi Arash,
    I have gone through your java code for fitting boxes of same size into a bin. But can you please provide the solution in java itself where my box sizes are varying. So I want to check if my n number of boxes with different size can fit it in give bin.

    my ultimate aim is to find as optimal solution as possible in java to fit n number of different sizes boxes in minimum number of different sizes bin.

    1. From your post Puneet, It seems like the code should work for you. If you want native Java code. I'll try to do that sometime soon. You have a hard time using the c++ code and migrating it?

  4. Hi, here a best soltion for bin packing 3d solution:

    and here the representing 3d bin packing solution with java 3d for this soltion:

  5. Hi Arsah and all,
    Actually, i really need your help on how representing-3d-bin-packing +Vehicle using java. For example, i have some box (3d) and would like to packing it into a vehicle. So please could you help with this matter ?
    I really appreciate your help in advance.
    Thanks again